6 Qualifiers

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6 Qualifiers
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            They can end in any vowel or consonant.

            They do not show inflection or agreement in form with the word they modify.

            The adjectives can be derived by adding '-al'.

            The adverbs can be derived by the addition of the '-im' ending.

            Comparison is done analytically:

            Superiority is made with the word 'plus'.
            Inferiority is made with the word 'minus'
            Equality is made with the word 'iso' or 'ekual'.

            For the comparative the conjunction 'kiam' is used.

            The superlative of superiority with 'le plus'
            The superlative of inferiority with 'le minus'.

            'Tres', ' Multe' and 'Verim' indicates the absolute superlative (also the suffix '-isime').

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