3 Personal Pronouns

1 Pronunciation
2 Noun
3 Personal Pronouns
4 Verb
5 Specifiers
6 Qualifiers
7 Numbers
8 Vocabulary Expansion
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            They are:

               1. First person: 'mi' ('I','me') and 'nos' ('we').
               2. Second person:'tu' ('you') and 'vos' (plural)
               3. Third person:
                                        People: 'ile' (also:'ilin','ilul','iles','ilines','ilules')
                                        Things: 'it'

               4. General subject is expressed by the pronoun 'on'.

               5. Reflexive pronoun: 'se' ('oneself').
                   It is used only to the subject of the verb.

               6. Possessives are formed by adding the adjectival
                   ending '-al': 'mial', 'nosal', 'tual', 'vosal' , 'seal'

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