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A a: bag B b: boy C c: chin D d: dog,
E e: bed F f : fat G g: goal H h: hen,
I I: machine J j : jam K k: kind L l: lip,
M m: mix N n: now O o: omni P p: pen ,

Q q: German "Bach", or Scottish "loch" or, Spanish "jamon", or Arabic "qof".

R r: rock S s: sin T t: tip ,
U u: rule V v: vest W w: west X x: ship,
Y y: yes Z z: zoo.


Each letter is pronounced with only one sound, always the same.

The main stress of a multisyllabic word is placed on the vowel preceding the last consonant.

Some ordinary consonant endings does not change the original stress of the word:

1.- The plural morphemes of noun: -s, -es
2.- The adjectival suffix: -al
3.- The tense morphemes of verb : -it , -on
4.- The adverbial suffix: -im


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